Introducing the Aria Floodlight

Motion Activated Camera with 2-Way Audio and Security Siren
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Aria LED Floodlight with Wi-Fi Camera


See what’s going on outside your home anywhere, anytime in clear HD 1080P resolution with the built-in camera that allows you to zoom in, take pictures, and record videos using the Momentum app for iOS and Android.

2500 lumen LED bulbs and 270° detection range gives you full coverage of your house and the built-in infrared (IR) allows you to see at night to always maintain a safe and secure home.

A built in 110-decibel siren alerts any unwanted guests and the Momentum app displays multiple camera feeds at once so you can keep track of your home, pet, and business no matter where you are.

Hear and speak to your guests through the built in speaker and microphone and receive alerts on your smart phone or tablet when motion is detected to always stay connected to your home.

Create custom rules, schedules, and settings and store important data with a cloud subscription plan or locally with an micro SD card (up to 128GB).


  • Momentum Aria Outdoor Floodlight Security Camera (1)
  • Weatherproof Gasket (1)
  • Screwdriver (1)
  • Mounting Bracket (1)
  • Wire Nuts (3)
  • #10, #8, #6 Short Bracket Screws (2 each)

Features To Free Up Your Worries

The Momentum Aria Floodlight is the next step in innovation with its live 1080p HD video feed and smart phone capability. That’s why we’ve included all the basics, and then some.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

Protect your Home!

The Momentum Aria Floodlight is the perfect addition to your family to keep them safe and secure!

Mobile Alerts and Notification

Curious to know who is at your home when you aren’t? No problem! The Momentum Aria Floodlight detects motion and sends alerts and recordings to your phone right away so you can click into the easy to use Momentum app and see what’s going on at your home at all times.

Enhanced Communication

Lack of communication is a thing of the past with the 2-way audio function the Momentum Aria Floodlight offers. The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to talk to anyone and hear anything that is going on at your home. Whether it is a delivery man or snooper you can always be there!

Advanced Features

The 110-db security siren provides a piercing alarm that will scare away any intruder while theIP65 water resistant design will hold up to the harshest of weather conditions. The infrared night vision and 2500-lumen LED lights ensure a clear view even at night for ultimate security!


The Momentum Aria Floodlight features customizable options allowing you to control the lights and brightness, create custom motion time zones, and set rules and schedules for ultimate personalization to always keep your home safe!

Live HD Video Feed

Enjoy the best technology has to offer with the live 1080P HD video feed that can be seen on any smart device. Easily login to the Momentum app and begin keeping track of what is happening at your home with the help of a clear, high-quality picture.

Maximum Home Security

Keep your family and home safe and secure with the Momentum Aria Floodlight. The mobile alerts keep you updated with the latest information, while the built-in camera allows you to see with your own eyes what is going on at your home. Rest assured your home is in safe hands!

Technical Stuff

You’re a careful shopper and will want to plan where your Plug-In-And-Go Smart Security Floodlight Camera fits into your life. Here are the nitty-gritty details.


Video Feed:1080p
Lights:2500 Lumen LED
Motion Detection:270 Degrees
Camera Field of View:140 Degrees
Infrared Night Vision:Yes
Security Siren:110 db
Audio:2-Way with Speaker and Microphone
Water Resistance:IP65
Cloud Storage:Free 30 day Trial
SD Card StorageUp to 128GB

Cloud Storage

Easy Upload

You never know when you might want to go back and watch that perfect moment.  With the Momentum APP it’s a snap to upload your video recordings and images to the Cloud.

7-Day Storage

Momentum offers a number of cloud storage subscription options.  The 7-Day Storage plan is one recommended by our subscribers for newbies.  You always have the option to change plans.

System Backup

You can store data on a Micro SD card, but wouldn’t you feel better if that data was backed up?  Consider using the Momentum’s Capture Cloud for your Wi-Fi camera backup system.

What to learn about our Subscription Plans?